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Counseling for Military Members,
Couples and Families



As a military member or family member of the military, you face certain stressors unique to the military culture that only a select few have the privilege to understand first hand.
Just to name a few, this can be related to:
  • Deployments
  • TDY and PCS
  • Long periods of separation
  • Living away from home
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Reintegration
While everyone handles stress differently, one thing remains the same, you are part of an exclusive population that it “takes one to know one”.
As a military wife and professional marriage and family counselor, I understand these needs, not only on a personal level, but a professional level. I hold a personal passion for our military. I developed this passion over the past 19 years of living the military culture, enduring deployments and counseling military families along the way.
My work with veterans, military members and family members takes exactly this into account, that military life can stretch even the best to their limits. Frequent and lengthy separations with limited communication, the personal transformations we experience individually because of those separations, and the challenges of reintegration as we learn how to live together again. The fact that our spouse may only be able to make it to a select few of our counseling sessions due to these long separations, or that our spouse or family member returned home from deployment “different” can often feel so overwhelming that you question where you even start. My work is to make this step as easy as possible and to erase any stigma fears you might have as a military member.
I am a preferred provider with Tricare and Military One Source. I also have access to special military counseling scholarships if you served post 9/11 that offers counseling at no cost to you. If you have any questions about the counseling process or using your benefits, please do not hesitate to reach out.
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Military counseling can be difficult to find, please take advantage of the counseling resources for military members and families. If you have any questions or need additional information on these programs, please do not hesitate to contact me.